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After the splendid success of Bluehole studio's Player Unknowns Battleground or PUBG, as it is commonly called, many developers are targeting the gaming world with battle royale genre of games. Among them, Garena, one of the top game developers in Southeast Asia released Free Fire. It was developed by 111dots studio and was officially released for Android and iOS mobile platforms on 4th December 2017.

Known merely as Free Fire or Free Fire battlegrounds, it is an adventure – action game. It is a survival game where you get air dropped onto an island and fight against the other 49 fighters for survival. The game is especially sought after for its realistic experience and immediacy as each game only lasts a total of 10 minutes. The game can be played in a solo mode, duo mode as well as in teams of four known as squads.

Garena FreeFire Game Popularity

The game has enjoyed excellent success worldwide earning it the Google play stores’ “Best Game in VotePopular” in 2018. The majority of the votes came in from Thailand and Brazil. As of recent reports, it is the number 1 game in over 23 countries and among the top five games in over 50 countries worldwide. It has an estimated 50 million downloads, surpassing favorite games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Freefire Features -

• Graphics –All the gamers accept that Free Fire has the best graphics among all the battle royale games. Although, the fact is agreeable that the graphics of this game looks animated, it is still undoubtedly the best.

• It can be played on all Smartphones – Free Fire has a comparatively smaller size of 350 MB which can be downloaded and played on any smartphone with 3 GB RAM or even lower. It allows almost everyone interested in the game to download and enjoy it and the good news is, the phone doesn't have to be super powerful.

• Duration of the game – Every game session in Free Fire lasts a maximum of 10 minutes which can be nothing short of an adrenaline rush. You must fight swiftly, and the battles are quick. Other games of this genre can be as long as 45 minutes which is very long.

• Map – In Free Fire, the map is comparatively small, meaning you have fewer places to hide. The fight is out in the open and very engaging. Other battle royale games have larger maps which can take longer to seek out enemies. In addition to it, the presence of bots can make the game session strenuous and frustrating.

• Unique heroes – Free Fire has an interesting feature which is not available on other battle royale games. Characters have unique and special abilities and stats. For instance, Ford does not sustain substantial damage even outside the safe zone.

These are only the few features of the game, more can be uncovered by playing it oneself.

Free Fire Gameplay

In a real battle royale tradition, Free Fire incorporates the elements of exploration and survival until a lone survivor emerges victorious. It is an ultimate test of endurance and straightforward, you win, or you die.

The game starts with a drop. You get airdropped into an island with the other 49 fighters. As soon as you land, you must hurry along and search for weapons and armor. As you progress into the game, you will find more equipment and ammunition which will assist you in making your kills.

Free fire has 50 players, and so you can start the game almost immediately. Because the map is smaller than other battle royale games, you will be able to make out where the other fighter is landing which gives you an edge in the game. It also makes the game more fast-paced and engaging, as opposed to hide and seek strategies needed in other games in the battle royale genres.

You must try to stay within the safe zone at all times during the game. Outside the safe area, you will sustain grievous injuries which will gradually lead to your death. However, the safe zone keeps shrinking as the fighters become less in number, making the game more challenging. It is entirely possible that you will finish the game before the safe zone closes in on you as each game session in Free Fire are no more than ten minutes.

Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds Game Insights

1. Maps. The size of the map in Free Fire is unknown, unlike in other battle royale games. But the map is comparatively smaller which gives you an edge in the game especially if you know where to land.

Landing on the right spot can mean the difference between death and survival. In Free Fire, the area you must try to avoid landing is the power plant which is usually a challenge as sits directly in the flight path. The best strategy is to commence the jump after you cross the mountain peak and try to parachute into the east zone.

2. Characters. The players start with a free character called Adam and Eve. Both of the can change their skin color at will to camouflage and aid in survival.

One of the best features of Free Fire is the unique abilities of the characters and how you can use them in the game. The characters with their skills are;

• Ford – He can withstand injuries even outside the safety zone

• Nikita – She can load the machine guns fast.

• Kla – A Muay Thai expert and cause increased damage.

• Paloma – An arms dealer.

• Olivia – The nurse who boosts the fighters an extra HP if she attends to them.

• Andrew – He can decrease the loss of vest durability.

• Misha – She can drive extremely fast.

• Kelly – Increases the sprinting speed and she is also called Shimada Kiriko.

• Maxim – He can reduce the time it takes to eat mushrooms.

• Miguel - An elite soldier and a leader. He is determined to win the game.

• Antonio – A gangster who is ready to defend his friends at any time.

• Caroline – She is the most popular girl and is always surrounded by bodyguards.

• Wukong–He is also known as the monkey king and loves to eat bananas.

• Moco – The most recent character in Free Fire is Moco. She is a terrific hacker and is well known in the Cyber world. She is also known as chat noir for her incredible skills.

3. Automobiles. There are different types of automobiles in Free Fire.

• Jeep – It can accommodate four fighters, is exceptionally durable and has a speed of 106kmph.

• Pickup truck – It carries two soldiers, has a top speed of 156kmph and has medium durability.

• Tuk tuk – It sits three fighters, has a top speed of 86kmph and has low durability.

• Amphibious Quad – It can travel both on land and in water and sits two persons and has medium durability.

• Monster truck – A comparatively new addition, this monster of a truck can ride over anything including structures and any terrain. It is exclusively available on airdrop making it a little hard to obtain.

4. Weapons and loots. Free Fire has 18 weapons in the form of assault rifles, handguns, submachine guns, sniper rifle, shotguns and heavy weapons. At any point in time, you will be having three slots for your arms.

• Assault rifles – There are five different assault rifles in Free Fire, and they are best suited for long and medium distance shots. Groza is the best assault rifle, and M14 has the highest range for combat.

• Handguns – Three varieties of handguns are available in Free Fire and are mostly used as last resort weapons. Among them, G-18 has the maximum round of fire, and all three can be found on the island.

• Submachine guns – There are two submachine guns in Free Fire. Use them in conjunction with other weapons as they can be low to medium in causing damage.

• Sniper rifle – Free Fire has three sniper rifles which can cause fatal injuries to the enemy. Best suited for long-range combat as it is in real battle. VSS is the perfect sniper for amateur fighters while AWM works perfectly for advanced fighters. Suited for long distance shots outside the building structures.

• Shotgun and heavy weapons – There are two shotguns, one heavy machine gun and a grenade launcher. Shotguns are best used inside the buildings and the grenade launcher for clearing all obstacles in your path.

Garena FreeFire Extras & Updates

Every month or so, the game developers come back with a new update. Since its official launch on 4th December 2017, there have been fourteen new updates.

Every new update incorporates a new character or a weapon, sometimes there are new modes and new vehicles or new patches, as in the most recent update. The brand new features are accessed by updating the game from the App store or Google play store.

The developers also keep the players in the loop about other developments related to the game through their website;

Let’s take a closer look at the most recent update on Free Fire.

The update was made available on 22nd January 2019 on their official website. Their newest offering included a new patch called the graveyard that was added on the Bermuda part of the map. It also came with a new character, new weapons and other fancy updates

The update included a new character called Moco, an expert hacker. She can stealthily hack into any computer without being spotted and therefore well known and feared in the Cyber world. She is also called chat noir for her incredible skills; she vanishes after accessing the information she wanted.

Along with the new character; new weapons that were introduced are AN94 and a treatment gun. AN94 is an assault rifle that comes with the standard attachments; magazine, Interscope, foregrip, and muzzle. It has high firepower and is perfect for long range combat. The treatment gun is unique in that it heals you but causes significant damage to your enemy.

The crossbow and the melee weapon were optimized with speed and damage capacity. Another cool addition was pets. They can change their skin, interact with the fighters and emote. Other features included outfit upgrades, UI optimization, minor bug fixes and small changes in the overall appearance and functions of the App as well as the website.

In this way, the developers keep the game challenging and engaging for players all around the world. Moreover, new game updates are on the way! You need to check out the game yourself to find out what awaits you.

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How To Hack Garena Free Fire

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Also, like other games, there are free fire cheats which also helps in improving your performance. For instance, getting exclusive weapons, maps, characters, skins etc which makes you unique from other free fire players.

Final Verdict

With such a massive fan base all over the world, it is hard not to get caught up in the buzz of Free Fire. The game is very well developed with an easy user interface, dynamic and challenging gameplay and high-performance graphics without compromising on the size, which is one of the best features about Free Fire.

As we mentioned above, Free Fire is very accommodating when it comes to storage requirements which gives it an edge over other games in the battle royale genre. Many players can access it even with an average smartphone which has been much appreciated all over the continents. This has been a huge magnet for the fan base especially in the Android version because everyone cannot afford to buy high-end Smartphones and iPhones.

Another thing about Free Fire is the developers. They keep the updates regular and the players engaged. Many players will agree that the developers’ willingness to engage in conversation and suggestion from the players have made them feel a part of the Free Fire family.

The game supports various languages including English, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Malaysian. With its outstanding and unique characters, game mechanics, and its ease of use, Free Fire does not look like it’s in a hurry to leave the gaming world anytime soon.

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